Our 2-Day Itinerary in Limasawa, Southern Leyte

Our 2-Day Itinerary in Limasawsa, Southern Leyte, Philippines featuring this large rock with wooden stairs in Island Lagoon Resort

Looking for a perfect weekend getaway? With its rich history and breathtaking natural beauty, Limasawa offers a perfect blend of adventure and history. This 2-day itinerary that I personally used will guide you through the best historical and religious attractions in Limasawa, ensuring that you experience all the island has to offer in a short amount of time!

Day 1: From Padre Burgos pier

At 8 am, me and other 19 companions drove to Padre Burgos port from Maasin City. We were able to board the boat at around 9:15 am and then reached the island 45 minutes later. The island was beautiful, with crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches.

10:00 am Drop off bags at our accommodation in Dakdak Beach Resort

By riding the tricycle/multi-cab, we were able to go to Dakdak Beach Resort to drop off our bags and check in. I’ll talk more about Dakdak later in Day 2 since we’ve spent half of our day there!

Magellan’s Cross and Shrine

We started our journey with a trip to Magellan’s Cross and Shrine. This significant historical site marks the spot where Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan landed and held the first Christian mass in the Philippines in 1521. As you climb the 450 steps to the cross from the shrine, you’ll travel back in time and learn about this pivotal moment in the Philippines’ history.

These are the stairs going to the shrine. Some people went the other way around: visiting the shrine first and then climbing all the way to the cross. But for us, we went to the cross first and then finding our way down to the shrine.

At the Shrine, a tour guide will explain the history of how the first mass was celebrated on March 31, 1521. The guide will explain it to us in Tagalog and the local Visayan language. 

#Limasawa Sign

Don’t forget to snap a memorable photo at the #Limasawa Sign!

Swim at the Island Lagoon Resort

We had to take the steep stairs to go inside the resort!

Head to the stunning Island Lagoon Resort. This resort is ideal for travellers seeking a secluded island adventure. Being on the rocks is perfect for meditation. I just sat there appreciating the beauty of everything. See how I’m sitting on my footwear ’cause sitting on the rock kinda hurt!

But the place was so peaceful!

Capture Memories at Welcome to Limasawa

Before bidding farewell to this enchanting island, visit the iconic “Welcome to Limasawa” sign. I know this is the second sign that Limasawa has, but I feel like taking a photo of this rock is a must. I have seen a lot of friends who visited the place do it!

In front of the rock is the pier and I was happy that I was able to take a photo of this beautiful sunset!

Day 2: Chilling at Dakdak Beach Resort

I’m going to be sharing more photos from Dakdak Beach Resort!

This is the stairs going down to Dakdak. This island sure loves a lot of stairs!

Here are the cabins where we spent the night in. It is airconditioned and it is clean! I just wasn’t able to take photos of the inside cause when I got inside, there were already lots of our bags around! But we got four cabins in total. One has two full-sized beds and the rest only have one.

After exploring the historic sites, head to Dakdak Beach Resort to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Limasawa’s pristine beaches.  I spent the rest of the day walking by the beach and just enjoying the waters with my family. This little getaway is unforgettable!

Limasawa Travel Tips

  • Carry cash with you, as there are limited ATMs on the island.
  • Dress modestly when visiting religious sites.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses
  • Be careful going up and down the stairs as the places inside the island have lots of it!


Limasawa is a hidden gem in Southern Leyte that offers a perfect blend of history, beauty, and relaxation. In only two days, you can explore the island’s historic sites, nature and beaches to make the most of your trip.


Can I explore Limasawa in a day?

Hmm, yes but it would be really tiring. Better to spend at least a minimum of 2 days. If you really want to take it slow, make it three! 😉

How do I get to Limasawa?

If you’re coming from Manila or anywhere else in the Philippines. Get a flight to Tacloban City Airport in the Leyte province. From Tacloban, you can hire a private van or take a bus to Maasin City. Then, proceed to Padre Burgos Port and take a boat ride to Limasawa Island.

Are there accommodations available in Limasawa?

Yes, Limasawa offers various accommodations ranging from budget-friendly resorts to more luxurious options. I really recommend Dakdak Beach Resort for travellers seeking a comfortable stay.

Are there any restaurants or dining options on the island?

While Limasawa may not have a wide variety of dining options, local eateries and resorts offer delicious seafood and traditional Filipino dishes. If you prefer more flexibility in your dining choices, it is also a good idea to bring some snacks or pack a picnic.

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